Sam Kessler Photography
Sweet Debbie Chou - The Barrens NYC
Debbie Chou Screams - The Barrens NYC
Brian Kabat lays down a groove - The Barrens NYC
Brian Windmills while Chris Screams - The Barrens NYC
Chris Gersbeck on Guitar -  The Barrens NYC
Chris Gerbseck Shows His Angst - The Barrens NYC
Chris Gersbeck on Drums Zoom Effect - The Barrens NYC
Colin Fitzgerald Snarls - The Barrens NYC

New York City Live Music Photographer

Fast moving action, constantly changing lights and intense emotions make shooting a live concert exciting and difficult. Weddings are a lot like concerts. There is the star of the show, the center of attention Bride / Groom or Lead Singer. There is the supporting cast: Parents, Bridal party, Groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl or Drummer, guitarist, bass, backing vocals. And you have interaction with the audience. All these elements exist in both a wedding and a concert.

You need a photographer that can capture all the emotion of an event and use the light present to compose a powerful image.

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